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Top 3 Essentials of Home Staging for NYC Apartments


Top 3 Essentials of Home Staging for NYC Apartments

Top 3 Essentials of Home Staging for NYC Apartments

Proper staging is one of the most important things to do in order to sell a NYC apartment for a good price, regardless of the current market trend.  The best brokers in the city know exactly how important property staging is and how to pull it off in order to attract the right type of buyers.  Listed below are the top 3 essentials of home staging for NYC apartments as well as practical tips on how to get a great deal on staging services.



Excellent Furnishings


What most buyers look for when scouting for Manhattan apartments is modern finishes that look stylish, durable, and functional.  Regardless of the size of the apartment as well as its location, it is imperative to procure high-end (or at least expensive looking) furniture and fixtures to make it look like a hot and coveted property.  Everything down to vases, decanters, and easy chairs must be chosen meticulously as the collective effect will determine the overall appeal of the apartment interiors.

The market these days is filled with prospective buyers who have the highest standards when it comes to their choice in living space, particularly in real estate havens such as Manhattan.  They simply want the best and they will settle for nothing less.


Proper Lighting

Staging an apartment is for the sole purpose of making it look even more attractive than usual.  This means having to invest in excellent lighting fixtures and/or taking advantage of natural lighting (as in the case of apartments on high floors, i.e. penthouses with floor to ceiling windows).  Showing an apartment at night always requires adequate lighting in order to properly showcase the beauty of the property during the walk-through.

During the day, it is important to have all the blinds/shades open so that the brokers and/or buyers’ representatives will be able to appreciate the natural light as well as the view from the apartment (if the property has excellent views, as in the case of apartments facing Central Park).


Welcoming Vibe

This is an intangible requirement that even excellent brokers sometimes miss.  While excellent furnishings and great lighting are certainly helpful, they are not enough to pull off a successful staging.  Seemingly minuscule details such as the smell of the apartment interiors matter greatly as they can simulate a welcoming (or off-putting) vibe.  Certain creative brokers use the oven to bake pies or pastries in order to create some of the most enticing aromas.

The point is not so much to make mouth-watering confections, but to create a homey feel so that buyers can imagine themselves living in the apartment and creating happy memories with their family.

Note: Anything that involves cooking or the use of kitchen appliances may require the permission of the owner/s so brokers must ask before proceeding.  In any case, succulent smells are always a good idea when staging a home.


How to Get  Good Deal for Staging

Home staging costs money, which is why it is necessary to find the best possible deal.   In some cases, brokers shoulder the cost of staging (depending on the specific listing agreement signed with the owner/seller), but in other instances, the owners themselves have to pay for the service.  When choosing a staging company, be sure to compare prevailing rates prior to hiring.  There are several excellent staging services in Manhattan so there is no shortage of choices even for the most meticulous property owners and /or brokers.

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