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With the New York Real Estate Market being the way it is, property owners as well as prospective buyers need an agent with whom they can place their utmost trust and confidence. ES Uh is among the seasoned agents in Manhattan. She is not only experienced but also highly dedicated to the job. Miss Uh’s passion for the Real Estate business comes from years of being an investor which has also allowed her to acquire all the necessary skills to provide excellent service to a wide range of clients.
Her clientele is composed mainly of financial and corporate executives who are in constant need of assistance with regard to finding properties to buy/lease or selling their existing investments. The high level of expectation from this type of clientele can only be met by a motivated and qualified agent, which is exactly what one can expect from ES Uh. Among her many qualifications include:

• Completion of Real Estate Investment Seminar and Power Coaching of Trump University in New York, Florida, and Las Vegas
• Obtaining a Certificate of Real Estate Marketing and Continental School in Minnesota

These and other training programs have allowed Miss Uh to achieve a level of expertise that afford her clients the confidence in dealing with any and all Real Estate related transactions such as buying and selling properties, property appraisal, asset protection, land-lording, financing, property investments and building renovations.
While ES Uh provides a service that is highly professional and goal oriented, she also realizes the importance of building genuine rapport with her clients. The unique combination of methodical aggressive marketing and tailor-fitted treatment of each transaction is what makes ES Uh’s service among the most coveted in the Manhattan Real Estate scene today.

She understands exactly what each client needs and how to go about providing for such needs in order to bring about excellent results. ES Uh’s professionalism and unwavering attention to detail is exactly what clients look for in an agent, whether they are looking to buy, sell, or lease a property.

More about ES Uh

Korean condo apartment broker logoShe has lived in several New York City Neighbourhoods for nearly 20 years. Since ES has been a resident of the city for a long time, she is uniquely qualified to guide buyers and sellers through the process of acquiring/ selling all types of properties.

She has a bachelor’s degree from Kon-Kuk University in Seoul and continued her education at F.I.T of New York State University.

Prior to becoming a full time broker and a member of the Real Estate Board of New York, ES Uh ran a Jeanswear business, which became largely successful and paved the way for her to obtain sharp marketing skills that are necessary in Real Estate.

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